Aste Market, historical local shop founded over 125 years ago has been rebuilted in 2019. Today it offers products and services with a modern style. Locals and tourists can enjoy a traditional "panino con sopressa" looking at the stunning view of the surrounding mount Pasubio's valley.


June 14, 1894 - Giobatta Aste and Rosa Piazza opened the doors of their shop on square Pecori Girardi in Valli del Pasubio. Since that moment has begun the production and sell of their sopressa.

This family business last from four generations.

Portrait of Giobatta Aste and Rosa Piazza
Aste family at the shop
Vasetto di miele

In 2019 Paolo Aste renew the shop with a modern twist offering products and services for both locals, tourists and people that want to spend a day in the historical and natural context of the Pasubio's valley.

Via Bruno Brandellero 18

Valli del Pasubio (VI) 36030

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Monday: 16:00-19:30

Tuesday-Saturday: 8:00-12:30, 16:00-19:30

Wednesday: 8:00-12:30

Sunday: 8:00-12:30