Gastronomic Products

The supermarket has a wide range of quality food and household cleaning products. The delicatessen counter offers the possibility to order sandwiches and cutting boards with typical local products that can also be consumed inside the restaurant or in the outdoor garden. There are indeed tables and seats where you can have a coffee or a drink while enjoying the wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

Fridge counter with fresh food
Board premiata salumeria Aste
Black board with a funny sentence
Internal view of the supermarket
Shelf with delis and bread
Sopressas hanging
Fruit and vegetables counter
Baskets of bread
Shelves of the supermarket with food items
Honey jar produced by Paolo Aste

In addition to the sopressa produced by us, there is a wide choice of cold cuts produced by the Brunello farm.

Prosciutto ham produced by Brunello farm

Local fruit and vegetables are supplied by Daniele Brunello's farm in Malo (VI).

Vegetables on the counter produced by Brunello farm

Pastificio Bassani supplies a tortello with a filling created specifically for Aste Market: sopressa, spring onion and Asiago fondue.

Tortello produced by pastificio Bassani

One of the high quality products on the shelves is the Sgambaro pasta: produced with 100% Italian wheat using environmentally sustainable production methods.

Pasta Sgambaro on a shelf

To season the pasta, the products of Alpe Magna: for more than 65 years the Simonetto family of Trento has been bringing handmade sauces and sauces to the table.

Jar of pasta sauce on a shelf

Among the wines are those produced by the Zio Porco Wines winery whose vineyards are located in the Bassano area. Porseo is a white IGT from Garganega, Vespaiolo and Sauvignon grapes. Porcosporco a rosé IGT from Marzemino Nero and Pinot Nero grapes.

Bottle of Zio Porco Wine


A large car park is available for those wishing to leave the car during the day to undertake one of the many pedestrian or cycle paths in the area.

Aste Market also provides a daily bike rental service for those wishing to spend a couple of hours or the whole day pedaling around Valli del Pasubio.